Something approaching : Evil computers : Waking up

I think I am going to start trying to update my blog every Wednesday and Monday. Or is that Monday and Wednesday? Who knows? Either way, twice a week is my goal. Whether or not I will ever get anywhere near it is anybody's guess. Here's to hope, we suppose. It will certainly help if I can sit down to update without getting called into work, which had happened the last two times. I am kind of frustrated, as it seems that my jobs are working to gether to keep me from having any fun. Making plans? Rest assured that one of my managers will decide to take a six hour chunk out of the middle of that day. Even once my schedule is in place, it never fails that someone will want to switch shifts, or just want to give the shift to me. If even that does not come to pass, rest assured that someone will call and offer to devour my afternoon in exchange for filthy lucre. The worst part is that I cannot justify saying no. I could, certainly, and I could get away with it, but I have not found a recreational activity yet that I can justify trumping over work. Mayhap once I get a little more money in the bank, I won't feel so bad about it, but at this point.... nuh uh. At this point, I am hoping to convince Sarah that both the store and I would benefit from a regular schedule, rather than the liquid floating schedule of doom.

It would appear that I will be spending this evening attempting to drag a friend's computer back from the edge of oblivion. This would be the third or fourth time, and I am seriously considering giving it a little nudge in the wrong direction, and tell him to buy a new damn computer. Granted, he is poor; still, it will be alot easier than hauling that tottering junk pile one more step.

As you may know, I am living at home. It is very nice for the most part, but I really dislike having to get up and roll out in thirty minutes or less. I like my mornings, I like having time to wind up. I can collapse and get good sleep under almost any circumstances, but I need to wake up with... dignity? Poise? Resolve? I don't know the proper word but it boils down to the fact that I dislike being rushed first thing. Can I handle it? Certainly. Can I operate if woken up and rolled out fast? Certainly. But I feel wierd

Until next time, kiddies.




Just a quick little something.

A man came to Bhudda, shivering even in his winter coat, and asked , "Bhudda, why is it, yesterday I was warm, even though the weather was cold, and today, the weather is the same, and yet, now I am cold." Bhudda smiled, but did not reply right away. He took a long moment, finishing his tea, leaving the poor man embroiled in his thoughts. Time passed as Bhudda reached out, and caught a falling leaf. He studied it intently, admiring the handiwork of the master. After he had done so, he set his tea cup aside, looked down at the petioner, and said, "Breakfast, my son, breakfast."
The man was enlightened, and went on his way, rejoicing.



Lamentations of a Straight Man

You know. I really like Pottery Barn. I really, really do. It's good work that I enjoy, and I like the people I work with, with only one real exception. But, it reallly gets on my nerves that, with the exception of the married guy, I am the only, I repeat, only straight man in the whole joint. And anyhow, I think Fedoryka said something about that a married man is technically a woman or something, metaphysical like. I think I should have payed better attention in Nature of the Human Person. >.>
Seriously, what gives? I've known this peculiar little factoid for awhile, in that subliminal, back-of-the-head way that you notice all sorts of unimportant things. It really hit home this afternoon, however, when I was working for the first time with a new guy. Call him Adrian. He and I are chatting idly, nothing serious, and I am rather taking a shine to him. He is experienced, so I don't have to baby step him through everything. He is stronger than the rest of the stock room people, and almost as strong as I am, so I don't have to come to the rescue every time a box of chairs needs moving. As an added bonus, he knows how to do gift wraps, saving me the ignominity of doing them ALL. So yeah, we get along pretty well. I am going out to get something to a customer, and he passes close to me, and I catch a whiff of lavender. *blink* Lavender?, I think. Mmm, all sorts of reasons that might happen, so I give it no thought. Later, we are talking about where we are living, rent, landlords, yadda yadda, and he mentions he is living wiith his fiancee. So I ask what her name is. He just giggles, and I am reminded of the smell of lavender, and the cold truth hits home, and I know what he is going to say before he says it. So he giggles, and tells me his name is Eric. Again, I changed it, just so you know. It kind of got to me. It's like, damn, do they only have an allotment of so many straight people per store? If that's the case, then damn, I'm happy I made it in in time. o.o Sorry to cut this short, but I have a meeting back at The PBarn at 1900, and need to eat and stretch. Ciao, kids.


Oh, oh, oh! I have my own shiny pretty loveable huggable laptop now! Fwee! n.n


Time, or the lack thereof : Midterms!? : Movement

Boy. I had never really payed good attention to just how little time I have at a computer on a day to day basis. Between work, school, and transport, I have much time to read, draw and reflect, but terribly little time to internet. Ave, this ain't. Sunday was the first day off I have had in twenty one days. Twenty one. I really didn't realize it until it was Sunday, and I relaized not only did I not have to work, but I was going to get to hang out with Matt, back from school for a few precious days. The celestial alignment it took to get him home and me free borders on the miraculous, but I digress. We hung out, we talked, we played video games. Life was good. He picked up a horde of new CD's, which we listened to with reckless abandon. Prog-rock and electronica. Fun stuff. If you have never checked out wither Muse or Radiohead, I highly suggest you do. Flip-sides of the same experimental coin. Muse is a teeth-shattering musical assault, yet with only a touch of distortion, and crystal clear vocals, with the added bonus of no swearing, and no screaming. Radiohead is 150cc's of odd, injected right into the ears. Totally groovy. If you don't believe me, try them out :3

Ugh! My first midterm is on WEDNESDAY! This makes my brain very sad, as I need to study hard today and tommorow to be ready. I have been keeping up on the reading and junk, but one still needs to study. The bright spot here is that my paper for this class is absolutely pathetic. 750 words. *laughs* I had to crank out 1,000 for Feddy eevry week. This will be nothing to right, but I will have to be careful, and polish it till it gleeeeeams. That one class, history, is the only one posing any problem in the least. The others I am aceing with barely a hiccup. I am making friends... wierd friends. Father Roy would probably not approve of them. >.> But, I think Dr. Benthall would, so all is bliss.

Well, all considered, it looks like I am moving here soon. Which sucks, as I really don't have the time to move. I found a room in Ypsi for 300$ a month, and that is happy. I don't know if I will have room for all of my stuff, but I hardly care if I lose some things.

I will try to update once a week, if not twice.



Next week: A.... girl?


Return : Clearing the shadows: Wark!

"I've been away too long," he muttered to himself, watching the wind dance through the weeds that had overtaken the place he used to call home. There were cries carried on that breeze, maniac cackles and shrieks that belonged to nothing of this world. The lone figure knew that this was a result of his neglect, and he knew just as well that only his actions would retake it. He lifted his face to the dying day, the firey light illuminating his world weary features under the brim of his wide brimmed hat. He closed his eyes, a smile on a face rather unsused to smiles, tasting the last warmth he would know for a long time. With will steeled and spirit ready, he advanced into the long-abandoned shadows, meaning to bring light to a place that had not had it for a long, long time. . .

Corwin returns!


Two jobs?! : Duskwalker : Leeeek

First, I was too angsty to make a good post, then I was simply too lazy, and now, damnit, now I am too busy to write a real post. Here, watch this leek spin for awhile, I guarantee it will cheer you up.



So, this WCC thing.

I am at WCC. My computer is names Isildur. Is that not awsome? My computer has a naaaaaaame. WCC is much cooler than I thought it would be. Hee Hee Hee.